Meet Our Vendors

Meet Our Vendors

The Farm Market would not exist without the support of all our wonderful vendors. Scroll down for short profiles on our regular vendors, and be sure to check out The Farm Market’s weekly newsletter for a full list of the Sunday line-up. To subscribe to the newsletter, click on the “Newsletter” tab at the top of the page. To learn more information about each of our vendors, click on their logo to link to their websites.


Aaronap Cellars

Aaronap Cellars is a micro-winery located in Westford, MA. We focus on producing small volume, innovative, artisanal wines from the best vineyards and orchards in New England and beyond. Today’s wine is a result of centuries of trial and experimentation in the vineyards and wineries of Europe. Where else is that history of experimentation best continued but Massachusetts, with its own history of innovation since the first days at Plymouth Rock?

Winemaker Noel Powell seeks to combine his passions for art and history, a scientific background, and his knowledge of traditional winemaking methods to produce unique wines not found elsewhere in Massachusetts. After an introduction to wine while living in Southern California, Noel honed his winemaking talents during years of award-winning home winemaking and enology studies at the University of California-Davis. In 2011, Noel established Aaronap Cellars in order to share his unique wines with a larger audience.

Aaronap Cellars is at The Farm Market on select Sundays. See our weekly newsletter for the Sunday vendor line-up.


Arrowhead Family Farm

Arrowhead Family Farm is a 334 yr-old farm that elbows out into the lower Merrimack River in Newburyport, Massachusetts. Owned and operated continuously by the same family, it’s one of the oldest in the Unites States. Offering organic, heirloom produce and heritage-breed specialty meat, it stands out in a food system spun out of control. Arrowhead packs up each day for markets with a three-fold mission: (1) to maintain the family farm for the next generation, (2) to provide the very best food possible, and (3) to reconnect people to farming, food, and origin.

“One of Boston area’s best CSAs for farm-fresh food” —

Arrowhead Farm is at The Farm Market every Sunday. See our weekly newsletter for the full Sunday vendor line-up.


Bittersweet Herb Farm was founded by Dave Wallace in the 1983s. Building on his father’s visionary transformation of a chicken farm into a popular arts and crafts studio, Dave created a  line of all-natural gourmet finishing sauces, oils, balsamic vinegars and specialty jams that now are available in thousands of gourmet food and gift stores from Florida to Alaska as well as overseas.

The company’s roots lie in a fledgling herb business Dave started in the late 1970s on the family farm in Branford, Conn., and are reflected in classic flavor combinations, such as Wasabi Ginger Finishing Sauce, Peaches and Cream Jam, Pear and Lemongrass Balsamic Vinegar and Sun-dried Tomato and Horseradish seasoning rub.

In 1990, we moved our family and the Bittersweet Herb Farm business to Shelburne, Mass., in the beautiful hills of the northern Berkshires along the Deerfield River. We strive to have our products combine the wholesomeness of small town America–with natural ingredients and artisan practices–and gourmet chic by displaying our products in beautiful Italian glass bottles.

Bittersweet Herb Farm is at The Farm market every Sunday. See our weekly newsletter for the full Sunday vendor line-up.


Julie’s Happy Hens

Julie’s Happy Hens is the largest pasture-raised table egg producer in the state.  It is a terrible award to be bestowed on such a small operation, but it probably best defines how dire the agricultural situation has become in New Hampshire. Nevertheless, we are approximately 3500 birds producing free-range, possibly fertile, eggs in the lee of the Monadnocks.

We focus on sustainable agriculture using natural and humane practices.  Our philosophical approach has as its keystone the well-being of the land and our animals.  We welcome visitors and are always proud to show off our farm.  In fact, we encourage people to visit and participate in the animal’s lives, as that is the best way to understand the basis for your food and the responsibilities you have as a consumer, as well as the responsibilities we have as your farmer.

Julie’s Happy Hens is at The Farm Market every Sunday. See our weekly newsletter for the full Sunday vendor line-up.


KRM Chocolates

Back in the 1980’s, Kevin Miller began making chocolates and cookies from his home north of Boston.  He made them mostly as a hobby and to give as gifts for his friends and coworkers.  Then, after the traumas of losing his mother and suffering a debilitating stroke, all within 100 days, Kevin continued to make chocolates and fine-tuned the recipes, all the while hearing from everyone how much better his chocolates taste than any available at those trendy chocolate shops.

Soon, his interest turned to making chocolates with his new invention, a solid filling made from fruit wines, complete with real fruit in the candy.  The accolades grew louder and louder.  “You should sell these chocolates!  They are too good not to share with the world,” Kevin was told. The idea took hold.

Today, Kevin spends his time in a small commercial kitchen, nestled midway between the pristine beaches of Cape Cod and the majestic mountains of New Hampshire and Vermont.  There, he still makes his chocolates and cookies the old-fashioned way, by hand.  Now, they are available to you.  Each order is custom made to assure freshness and the ingredients that you requested.  Once you try KRM Chocolates, you will be a customer for life!

KRM Chocolates is at The Farm Market every Sunday. See our weekly newsletter for the full Sunday vendor line-up.




Maca is solely owned and run by Tamy. The name “Maca” is short for macaron. The creation of this Greater Boston macaronerie arose from her passion for all things food related, but baking has always been at the front line of her food love. She enjoys making treats that are simple, yet delicate, beautiful and delicious.

Here at Maca, I created a menu around simple, yet flavorful, mouthwatering tastes. I believe that what you are eating, tastes like what you should be eating. There’s nothing more frustrating than taking that first bite only to realize that the taste does not reflect what you truly wanted to enjoy.

All macarons are hand piped, and therefore, each individual macaron is unique.

Maca is at The Farm Market on select Sundays. See our weekly newsletter for the Sunday vendor line-up.



Mill City Grows

Mill City Grows (MCG) has been working on innovative ways to combat food injustice in Lowell, Massachusetts since 2011. We pursue this mission through the following strategies and programs: educating both in and out of schools, supporting community leadership through community gardens, increasing urban agriculture in Lowell through two urban farms, implementing a mobile market, and empowering people to produce their own food. MCG’s two main program areas are Food Access and Food Education. Our work in Food Justice is rooted in the idea that a well-educated community with regular access to nutritious foods will make healthier choices.

Mill City Grows’ mission is to improve the physical health, economic independence and environmental sustainability in Lowell through increased access to land, locally grown food and education. In 2013, with the help of Mill No. 5, MCG launched Lowell’s first urban community farm. The farm is located at 230 Middlesex Street, just across from the back entrance of Mill No. 5. We use this urban farm, along with several other plots in Lowell, to grow a variety of vegetables that we then distribute to the Lowell community through our Mobile Market and at The Farm Market.

Mill City Grows is at The Farm Market every Sunday. See our weekly newsletter for the full Sunday vendor line-up.


Mycoterra Farm

Mycoterra Farm is located in the woodlands of Westhampton MA.  Julia, Mycoterra Farm’s founder and owner, has been a mycology enthusiast for many years.  With a passion for growing things and wanting to grow a business of her own, she decided a mushroom farm would be an excellent complement to the Pioneer Valley’s robust local agricultural economy.

Buying Mycoterra mushrooms or signing up for our farm-direct CSA keeps your dollar local and supports local farming and sustainability. Mycoterra mushrooms are handcrafted in small batches and picked fresh for delivery.  We take pride in producing diverse varieties of quality gourmet mushrooms.

We grow more than just mushrooms.  We strive to leave the planet better than we found it.  Using agricultural and forestry byproducts as our primary growing mediums, our natural methods of production accelerate decomposition, building soil and cycling nutrients – critical processes for healthy ecosystems.  We use our exhausted substrates as soil amendments on our farm to help restore an old gravel bank, prevent erosion and to build organic matter in our annual and perennial garden beds.

Mycoterra Farm is at The Farm Market on select Sundays. See our weekly newsletter for the full Sunday vendor line-up.


OffBeet Composting Co.

OffBeet Composting Co. is a pilot program that diverts restaurant and household food scraps from going to landfills in the Merrimack Valley Region.  We collect food scraps and bring it to our local composting facility where scraps are broken down into nutrient-rich compost.  Compost is then redistributed to participants and is also sold to local farmers, gardeners and landscapers.

We are committed to creating a resilient green economy in Greater Lowell that generates local green jobs, empowers community members to be land stewards and contributes to an environmentally sustainable landscape.

OffBeet Composting Co. is at The Farm Market every Sunday. See our weekly newsletter for the full Sunday vendor line-up.


Q’s Nuts

Qʼs Nuts was founded in 2000 with the simple philosophy that high-quality ingredients, a love of good food and a passion for creating in the kitchen would produce some of the best tasting nut roasts around. All our original recipes are vegan as well as gluten, soy and dairy free. We use raw organic cane sugar, as well as organic chocolate, pure spices and natural flavors in all of our roasts.

You can find Qʼs products at our two storefronts, in Somerville outside of Davis Square, and in the Boston Public Market, as well as local farmers’ markets and specialty food stores in New England and beyond.

Stop by for a sample and taste the wide variety of flavors we offer, as well as new creations in the works!

Q’s Nuts is at The Farm Market on select Sundays. See our weekly newsletter for the Sunday vendor line-up.


Valicenti Pasta Farm

Valicenti Pasta Farm is a small company made up of a small group of people who work to make beautiful fresh pasta, unique ravioli varieties, and small batch sauces. We have 10 acres of fields and a green house where we grow anything from tomatoes to eggplant, butternut squash to sweet potatoes, brussels sprouts to herbs, and many other crops we use to make our products. We partner with small and local farms to source what we don’t grow ourselves. We make and package everything in our commercial kitchen inside our red barn. We use only natural ingredients – no preservatives, no hormones, and nothing artificial. Everything is made in small batches so we know each batch is just right. We work hard so you can enjoy the fruits of our labor…well pasta in our case.

Valicenti Pasta Farm is at The Farm Market on select Sundays. See our weekly newsletter for the Sunday vendor line-up.